Special Programs at WCNH


Westchester Center for Natural Health offers the following health programs to best support patients for whom they are appropriate:


Beating Cancer


Visits every 3-6 weeks throughout the length of conventional treatment.


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. There is much that naturopathic medicine can offer during this time to support you in dealing with stress, to help your body in it's fight against cancer, and to lessen the side effects of conventional treatments.


Dr. Egginton has specialized training in working with patients going through cancer treatment after serving as a naturopathic resident at a hospital-based cancer center at an Indiana University hospital. She is well versed in conventional cancer therapies and how to best support patients through these treatments.


Post-Cancer Clean-Up


Visits every 1-2 months for the  6 months following conventional treatment.


Being treated for cancer can take a toll on the body, physically and emotionally. Naturopathic medicine is important adjunctive care during this time to consider possible detoxification programs and to learn about ways to lessen your risk of relapse.


Dr. Egginton has worked with many patients during this critical time as they recover from their cancer and discover how to move on from their diagnosis as they embrace their health.


Solutions for Stress


Visits every 4 weeks for 4 months.


Many of us deal with stress but too much stress can take a toll on the body, causing problems with a number of body systems including the adrenal glands and the thyroid. This may manifest with difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, difficulty concentrating, or increased susceptibility to illnesses. If you feel that stress is getting the best of you or that you're starting to notice signs and symptoms that may be associated with your busy and fast-paced lifestyle, it may be time to consider how naturopathic dietary and lifestyle recommendations can help you to recover your health and sense of well-being.